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What is Supply Chain Management - Book + Free BonusesA Valuable Book from Rob O’Byrne, Supply Chain author, speaker and consultant of over 35 years

The field of Supply Chain & Logistics is known to be very complex and hard to understand. You can,

Supply Chain is a very critical component of businesses today. The structure of a Supply Chain and how it’s managed has a great impact on profits, customer service and cost reduction.

Most people in a company are involved in some part of the Supply Chain process (although they wouldn’t realise it). You could be invoicing the consumer, building the product or transporting between locations. Whatever position you hold in the company, there is a good chance your performance will have an impact on the Supply Chain.

And you’ll soon have half the room confused with the ‘Deer in the Headlights‘ look on their face.

If you’re on this page then like most people you’re looking for a way to not only better understand Supply Chains but also how to manage them effectively.

And this is where most people in business encounter difficulties because understanding Supply Chain Management has never been easy…

Would you like an ‘Easy to Read’ step by step guide to help you understand Supply Chain Management?

I’m sure like most people in your position this is exactly what you want. But before we go any further let me introduce myself…

My name is Rob O’Byrne and I’m the Owner and Group Managing Director of Logistics Bureau. For over 35 years I’ve specialised in the fields of Supply Chain & Logistics at a Military level as well as Corporate.

In 1997 I established my own company ‘Logistics Bureau’ which has now grown to include ‘Logistics Bureau Asia’ and ‘Benchmarking Success’. In this time I’ve enjoyed overseeing more than 1200 projects across a broad range of industries.

Not only that but I’ve personally led projects that have delivered ‘Multi Million dollar savings’! Not all our clients achieve this level of saving but the good news is the average in bottom line savings delivered to our clients is $1.26M…

After many years in this business I realised that there is a lot of confusion surrounding Supply Chain & Logistics Management. Many people don’t have a great understanding of it and how it affects the operation and profitability of their business.

With so much information it’s hard to get a full and accurate understanding of Supply Chains and the role they play in business today.

Knowing what to look for, when to look for it and how to rectify the problem is what we here at Logistics Bureau specialise in. Having helped many companies in various industries and countries over the years, this has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience which I’m now sharing with you.

What we have found from running events and consults on a regular basis, is that the best performing companies and employees are those who have a good understanding of Supply Chain Management.

This book ‘What is Supply Chain Management?’ will give you a clear understanding of the principles of Supply Chain Management. This information is critical to your success regardless of what stage you’re at in your career.

It’s comprehensive and covers all areas. And better yet, it’s been written in a way so that is easy to understand and to apply the learning’s from the book. The areas covered are as follows…

Anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge and gain a better understanding of Supply Chain Management and the role it plays in business… I know that might sound like an obvious statement but consider this for a moment.

If you’re involved at any stage of the process from creation to delivery, then you are part of the Supply Chain. And to ensure a department is effective in its operations so that it delivers an ‘above average’ and profitable service, requires that you have a good understanding of Supply Chain Management.

Understanding Your Supply Chain & How to Effectively Manage it is the key to success in business…

That’s a great question and the answer is… Read more…

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