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Trichotillomania Help - Advice on how to stop hair pulling compulsions1. To let others suffering from trichotillomania or trichophagia know that there is real help that doesn’t require expensive therapies or dangerous medications.

2.To share with you my personal story of how I was able to recover from the vicious illness, and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

But I was able to get rid of my trichotillomania almost instantly, once I used these three simple steps.

Well, let me start of by saying that I know that YOU want to be pull free too, but what do most people do? They put off getting rid of their trich or just use the wrong approach.

I had trichotillomania from age 15 to 22….The doctors and everyone made it seem like i wanted to pull my hair out! But really, it felt like my brain was tightening and tugging ever so gently on my nerves if i didn’t pull!

Whenever I was stressed, anxious or bored, I would go into a trance like state. Next thing I knew, half of my eyelashes were missing, or I would have a bald patch on the top of my head!

It upset me when people would tell me to stop pulling…it wasn’t my choice! I tried covering up the results of my pulling with hats and makeup, I was so embarrassed! I wanted more than anything to stop the urge, I just wanted to feel normal again…IT WAS AS IF I WAS CURSED!

When I was sixteen my mother made me see a psychiatrist..what a waste of money! I was also put on an antidepressant medication. I tried everything..nothing seemed to work..I even missed my senior prom due to the fact I was missing half of my eyelashes and the top of my head was so sparse I couldn’t cover it up. I really hated how everywhere I went people looked at me different.

Trichotillomania was really starting to affect my social life, my love life was non existent, and I had a feeling my future would be in jeopardy if I didn’t find a solution fast. My family was spending thousands to do whatever they could. I wondered if there were more people like me…

In college, I enrolled in a speed reading class that changed my life. I read an array of over 160 self improvement and cognitive therapy books, each of which i collected the most important techniques on changing behavior.

Although it took me a over a year and $1,800 in books to put together few simple yet powerful ideas, it was worth it.

I had figured out a step by step system to remove ALL of my trichotillomania symptoms. And all without weird hypnosis, medications, psychiatrists, or hair restoration. This time it was permanent! Sound unbelievable? Let me explain in just a moment…

I feel more so much more alive, I can now channel my energy towards other more positive things. As a result of my success, I dedicated a year developing a system to help others alike stop pulling.

Now you could spend months, or years searching through content or reading books to figure out a system that works to stop you hair pulling.

Or, you can take advantage of the time I took to end trichotillomania, and stop hair pulling within minutes.

That’s why I decided to spare you some time.  So I put all of the most valuable tools I learned and tested into a step by step video system that will get rid of your trichotillomania almost immediately.

You CAN stop hair pulling on your own, but you do need the right tools and the right approach. Now this is no magic cure where you can just use positive thinking. If your garden has weeds growing in it, and you keep telling yourself “There is no weeds” There is no weeds” “There is no weeds” Do you think you are going to wake up one day to a beautiful thriving garden? Probably not.

Now I’m not kidding around here, for every technique I teach you. I probably tried 50 that didn’t work..

Its because subconsciously, for a reason… Read more…

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