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The Goddesses Experience2 Digital Courses on The Shiva Experience and The Ganesha Experience with a following of over 131,112 subscribers.

While studying the only ancient Goddess tradition that is living even today- Several forms of Shakti- The Goddesses of India, I discovered the 5 Segment Process of Energy Cultivation.

I could share more about my life and how this Process didn’t just transform, but BUILT my life but this isn’t about me or the success that I have enjoyed in my career as well as relationships, but, about you.

While studying the only ancient Goddess tradition that is living even today- The Goddesses of India-the several forms of Shakti,

While Psychologist Abraham Maslow up with the pyramid of 5 human needs in as late as 1943, the oldest Goddess Tradition in the world which is alive even today has been taking care of those needs through separate energy forms since thousands of years!

The Primordial energy or Parashakti expresses itself in 5 divergent forms as much more than a panacea for different mental states, popularly known as the Goddesses Lakshmi, Durga, Sati, Parvati and Saraswati.

Reflective of the element of Air and the color gold, Lakshmi- the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity is the symbol of the energy that rules your finances and satisfies the first need of survival and sustenance. If instability of finances and negativity in relationships are your pain points, it is because the energy represented by Lakshmi is out of tune.

Radiating with the element of Fire and the color red, Durga the Executioner, the Protector is the most expressly powerful force that meets your need for Safety. If you feel you have been too weak and been dominated over all your life, the force of Durga is the energy to invoke for you.

Reminiscent of the element of Aether and the color fuchsia, Sati is power of passion that satisfies the need for love and belongingness. If you are struggling with getting the person you love to become a part of your life, Sati really has some help to offer.

Evoking the element of the Earth and the color green, the energy of Parvati- the nurturer and the Mahayogini influences your abilities of achievement and the sense of self. If you have low self-esteem and feel a lack of control and discipline in your life, the earthy energy of Parvati is imbalanced for you.

Indicative of the element of water and the color white & turquoise, Saraswati provides for your intellectual and spiritual needs. If your life feels closed and stagnant, it is the force of Saraswati that you need to help you flow to a more meaningful and peaceful life.

In the ancient Indian scriptures, the Goddesses have been called the ‘Margdarshikas’ or those who show the right path for you. Every Goddess represents not only a sphere in your life but also a different attribute in you as well as the world.

Having spent more than 33 years of understanding these different forms of Shakti, or the Primordial Power, I collated the valuable learning from their intricate psychological patterns present in their ancient symbolism and presented them in a comprehensive manner.

The Goddesses Experience Program takes you through the 3 stages of the ancient order of invoking energy for life renewal, as tradition prescribes.

After a comprehensive introduction to the central concept of Shakti, we begin with the first stage of the order of energy invocation:

By invoking the force of Durga first, you begin with destroying all negativity including your own flaws and other elements negatively influencing you. Learning about Durga through the second module also guides you to protect your resources & capabilities and gives you the strength to act.

Having cleared the ground by eliminating negativity, you are now ready to begin cultivating the positive in your life. At this stage, you learn to cultivate the ability to achieve your goals. The energies represented by Goddesses Sati, Parvati and Lakshmi help you with that.

Once you have covered the stages of Destruction and Cultivation, you reach the final stage of Emancipation. You now go beyond the material to develop unsurpassable mental strength, understand the deeper truths of life and… Read more…

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