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- Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy GuideWhen I first started trying to teach Terran players how to get out of bronze, I noticed they all struggled with the same basic thing…overwhelm!

There are so many things to do in a game of SC 2 that these players weren’t getting better because they were trying to improve at everything at once. Even though they were at bronze level they were trying to copy pro players…sound familiar?

So I thought – Why not just practice the very basic fundamentals of Starcraft 2 ONLY, forsaking everything else: sneaky cheese builds, harassment, fast expanding, even micro.

Amazingly, this “simple” approach gave many players a huge bump in wins, also helping them to learn more about the game and improve their gameplay much faster.

That’s when it clicked: So many bronze players are focused so much on all the fancy aspects of the game (like trying to micro like a pro), that their gameplay completely fell apart because it wasn’t built on a solid foundation of macro. They just didn’t have the correct habits or the APM to accomplish both.

NOTE: Macro is basically your ability to gather resources, build your base, and create an army in the most effective and efficient way.

But here’s the coolest part…macro is arguably the most powerful skill in the game, and also the easiest to improve…if you know how and what to practice.

You will improve 100 times faster by just focusing on the foundational skills (first!), rather than trying to copy the strategies of the most elite players. You see, the reason that the pros’ strategies work so well is because they have the know-how and the quick fingers to execute it right – and you don’t…yet!

You can. I’ve just put the finishing touches on a new training course for Terran players that I call “How To Get Out of Bronze In 77 Games or Less” where I will walk you through step-by-step how to think properly and execute a strategy that will drastically improve your play and get you out of the Bronze League fast.

Everything you need is included in this training. There is a written guide with additional video guides to help you understand everything 100% and be sure that you can execute it no problem.

For one simple reason: My goal is to help as many serious Starcraft 2 players as I can, and I plan on creating other high quality trainings in the future to do so. I want you to be amazed with the value you get from this training, so when I come out with a future training course you’ll be more likely to say “yes” to it as well.

In truth, I should be offering this for much more than $17, because I’m going to save you hours and hours of time struggling in the Bronze League, not knowing what to do to get better and break free.

Heck, just the time it saves you from searching the internet & forums alone is worth much more than $17 (how much is your time worth?). Not to mention the frustration of losing more games without really knowing why.

I reserve the right to pull this offer at any time (and I will soon). With this training you get free personal coaching. Send me a replay of you executing the strategies in this training and I will make a video explaining how you could tighten up your build and improve your play. This is the fastest way to find out what you’re doing wrong and fix it fast.

This is my beginners guide to macro. I keep it nice and simple so you can see exactly what it takes to start using macro to your advantage. The cool thing is…macro is where a lot of players suffer, and it’s the easiest thing to improve in Starcraft 2 (IF you know what you’re doing).

These are printable unit cheat sheets that you can download to your computer, print out, and keep on your desk while you play Starcraft 2. With these, you’ll never be left wondering, “How much… Read more…

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