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SEE KEYS Lessons - Learn Piano And Keyboard Songs With Dyslexia & Learning DifficultiesIn the next few minutes I’m going to reveal to you all the secrets that I use to quickly play Piano & Keyboard in a style that would take you many years to master using traditional teaching methods.

My name is Samantha Griffiths and I’m a qualified piano teacher, musician, songwriter and also the creator of the SEE KEYS – a quick and easy way to play piano and keyboard.

I teach all levels, ages and ability and my passion for teaching is driven by seeing complete beginners making quick progress with their playing, getting real enjoyment from learning to play the piano and so go on and become life long pianists.

James told me how much he loved listening music and was desperate to be able to play his favorite song on his keyboard, but he had a problem that was holding him back.

James told me that he was Dyslexic and unable to read musical score. To him, musical notes just looked jumbled up and were impossible for him to read.

It upset me to think that here was someone who just wanted to be able to play but there seemed to be no way forward for him.

I decide that I would try and help James learn his favorite song, but I knew that I’d need to find a different way to teach him.

As with many people with learning difficulities, James had bags of ability, but things just needed making much clearer for him to follow and understand.

I knew that trying to teach him the traditional way would not work, so I needed to come up with something radical.

At first it was difficult. Nothing seemed to click and I could feel James becoming more and more frustrated, but I was determined not to give in.

I carefully researched color combinations, fonts and layouts that would help him make sense of what I was teaching.

From the minute I saw the beaming smile on James’s face as he played his first song I knew that I was onto something that could also help others with learning difficulties too.

That wasn’t too hard was it, and now you have been through the ‘start up’ lesson then you will find it very easy to play the all the SEE KEYS songs.

This 8 minute lesson has given you enough basic knowledge to quickly learn how to play beautifully arranged songs on piano or keyboard without needing to read music.

The SEE KEYS lessons can be downloaded directly to your PC or viewed online via any PC, Apple, iPad, Handheld Device or viewed on your TV Screen using Playstation or Xbox.

The lessons are set out in the exact pattern of the song that you are learning in a step by step layout.

They come with detailed videos, audio, printed sheets and of course the exclusive support forum should you require any extra help.

The lessons show the Note, Chord, Fingering and Rhythm patterns EXACTLY as they should be played, so you simply look at the sequence and play along.

You can watch all the lessons in detailed video which you can pause or rewind whenever you need to see clearly what you should be playing.

Watch in detail both left and right hand patterns in sequence, indicating EXACTLY when the left hand should play and EXACTLY when the right hand should play.

Download SEE KEYS right now and get 2 FREE BONUS lessons that will make the next party a special one. Learn to play the popular Christmas Carol SILENT NIGHT and the ever popular HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I thought really hard about how much to charge for the SEE KEYS lessons because I wanted to make them accessible to as many people as possible, so I figured that $97 was a fair price for such specialized lessons.

I am so sure that you will really love the SEE KEYS lessons that I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied for whatever reason.

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