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Paintball Tips eBook - Conquer the Game, Excel and Get PaidWant to succeed at paintball but don’t know how? Confused of the many things to learn, know about and master?

Are you interested in improving your paintball game? Are you looking for the best paintball guns, paintball gear and how to make your paintball equipment last longer? Are you looking for cheap paintbal supplies? Or are you looking to GET PAID to play paintball? I have the answers to all those questions . . .

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you don’t want to miss my eBook on Paintball Tips! There is not a more comprehensive resource out there on the game of paintball than this one.

Are you looking for the most complete resource available for paintball that is easy to read and comes straight from a Pro that lives and breathes the game? Are you even slightly interested in turning your fun hobby into a part time or full time paid gig?

All the answers are in my Paintball Tips eBook, which I have compiled from years of experience studying, analyzing, observing, playing and succeeding at the game first hand.

I wrote this book because I got tired of everyone asking me how I got so good at Paintball, and how I was able to excel and take advantage of everything else related to it such as paid contracts to play the game. In my book, you will learn all of what I have learned in the years I have been playing paintball. None of this information is a "secret" per se, but it only comes with years and years of experience. My book gives you a chance to peak into my brain and learn stragith from someone who actually has solid field experience. Why would you want to wait years to learn what I know. What I am offering here is a short cut to get there now.

I have been offered very good money to play and coach professional paintball teams and to produce instructional videos on the game. I am contemplating doing those videos soon. But for now, here is your opportunity to capitalize on a wealth of information at the comfort of your own home.

"This book is everything I expected and then some more. I got in touch with Bryan long before he published this eBook. I waited months for this and now that it is finally here it has really opened up my eyes on the game. In just a few months I have significantly improved my knowledge and performance of the game. My winning percentage is up, I last longer on the field, and I certainly play the game with better and more appropriate equipment.

"I give this eBook not one, but two thumbs up – absolutely great information. Keep up the good work Bryan."

"I have read a few other paintball books in the past but none have gone into both the breadth and depth Bryan has in his Paintball Tips book. I came across this book through a recommendation on a Paintball forum that I am a part off.

Ever since reading this book, I have changed my approach to the game. I was also take advantage of the tips in helping me select the right type of gear and most importantly at an affordable price. Paintball isn’t cheap!"

Paintball can be a very intimidating sport when you are new to it. There are a lot of rules and regulations, choices when it comes to the type of paintball fields you play in, choices when it comes to the paintball gear you buy, the paintball guns you use and much more. This can only make you feel overwhelmed and not even sure where to start. Many get discouraged right here and no longer pursue this wonderful sport.

Luckily, my Paintball Tips eBook has been designed in a way that takes you from the very beginning (dipping your toes in the water) to the much more expert-level content. It uses a great stepping-stone method so you can slowly make your way up the ladder, but you can also skip anything you wish if you feel you already know it.

Through my experience, I’ve been able to fast-track… Read more…

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