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New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report. New Zealand Immigration Made EasyThe New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report TM ~ An insider’s guide to New Zealand immigration, investment, employment, and lifestyle. ~

Clean, fresh, green, uncrowded and reminiscent of a time when things cost less, the pace of life was slower, and people seemed friendlier to one another. A New Zealand lifestyle is more possible than you may think.

Isn’t it time you stopped wondering, wishing and hoping? Wouldn’t you like to find out how it can be done, what to expect along the way, and how best to enjoy what you’ve accomplished? If you’ve ever considered a New Zealand lifestyle, this report is for you.

Dreaming of New Zealand is one thing. Taking the steps to actually live your dream is another. This report will open your eyes to what is possible and how to start making your New Zealand dreams a reality.

We grew tired of guidebooks, pamphlets and websites that gushed about the seemingly never-ending wonders of visiting New Zealand but provided no real behind-the-scenes or in-the-trenches insights. We weren’t interested in the pabulum tourists are fed, we wanted hard information on actually living, working, investing and doing business in New Zealand. We looked and looked, and guess what? It simply didn’t exist in any one place. So we decided to do our own research, create our own reference library and put together a network of contacts that could provide answers to even the toughest questions. That was several years ago. Now you can benefit from this extensive experience and massive resource at a fraction of the normal price.

"This report has answered the majority of all of our questions about New Zealand in one go. Hours of searching the web will not give you this kind of information, and will save you time, money and worry."

Migrants have a different way of looking at things. Their inherent initiative demands shrewd insights and solid information sources to help them hit the ground running. The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report was written by migrants for migrants. At NuKiwi, we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. We live, work and play in New Zealand. We’ve spent thousands of hours travelling the country and researching businesses, schools, communities, infrastructure, markets and demographics. We’ve done the groundwork, so you don’t have to.

If you’re considering a move to or an investment in New Zealand; if you would like to come and go as you please and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities available here, then you need access to top-notch information and first-hand knowledge. The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report was created to help guide you through the maze.

Some say that you can’t learn from the mistakes of others. We beg to differ. The experiences of others can provide essential insights and guidance. This informative report gives you the chance to learn from the experiences of those who have not only been there, but have learned the hard way. Let them teach you.

You have your own reasons for wanting to make New Zealand a part of your life. Perhaps it’s to own property or secure a second home. Perhaps you’d like to establish business or investment interests that could provide not only profit opportunities but also the ability to travel to and from New Zealand on tax-deductible dollars. Maybe you’d like to study the subjects of your choice in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Or maybe you’re simply looking for a whole new life. Whatever your reasons, they’re what make your situation special, and why you need real answers.

"Your reports are by far the most complete, concise and illuminating source of information for the potential NZ migrant that I have found (and I have looked everywhere!). Should be required reading for anyone considering moving to NZ. Well Done!"

Like a friend in a distant city, this report can help you find your way through the maze of bureaucratic red tape along with the new social, cultural, economic, academic and commercial alternatives you will be presented with in New Zealand. In addition, you’ll learn how banking, shopping, and just plain everyday living differs from that which you may… Read more…

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