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MuTu System 12 Week Program - ClickBankThe innocent words of a child or an insensitive ‘when is it due?’ from a stranger are some of the joys of being a Mom we could do without!

Losing baby weight is one thing, but how about that post baby belly that just won’t go, however hard you work out? Is a Mommy Tummy or a less-than perfectly functioning pelvic floor really ‘as good as it gets’ once you’re a Mom?

You need to know the real reasons for your mommy tummy and exactly what you need to do (as well as what exercises to avoid!) to get your body looking and feeling great. You need to understand how to reconnect, realign, restore and strengthen the muscles of your entire core, including your pelvic floor… How a Mom feeding a family can eat for long-term health and vitality… You need the motivational strategies and pick-me-ups for the days when you’re just not feeling it, the personal trainer secrets that ensure you get the most efficient, effective and targeted workouts into the shortest possible time, at home and in tune with your hectic schedule.

That’s what globally renowned postpartum exercise specialist Wendy Powell has created for you with MuTu System.

No gym membership or personal trainer to pay, no expiration date on your workouts or any part of your program. No faddy diets, short term fixes or food your family won’t eat. No workout that takes you longer than 25 minutes.

You can download all the videos to your computer, laptop or mobile device to view whenever you choose, download full color photographed PDF manuals, instructions  + food guide.

A globally respected and sought after exercise specialist, coaching you for a full 12 weeks, with all materials to keep, for $127.

–       Week by week coaching via more than 20 exclusive bite size online videos. Each week has a guide for the week, as well as demos and workouts that guide, motivate and show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

–       Mini Workshop sessions explain the science of diastasis recti, alignment, fat loss and more, so you understand exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

–       Everything is presented on video, plus you have it in printed format too – your learning preference, your schedule.

–       The Truth About Fat. The hormonal, lifestyle and nutritional factors that are making or keeping you fatter than your want to be

The entire program has been filmed and edited by a professional studio,  + the printed downloads are fully photographed and professional designed.

–       BONUS – ongoing support from Wendy, her team and thousands of Moms! When did you last buy an exercise DVD hosted and created by an expert you could message online to ask questions at no extra cost? You can with MuTu! All customers have access to an exclusive online community, where Wendy and her team offer guidance and answer questions on a dally basis. PLUS you get the support, friendship and motivation of thousands of other MuTu Mamas, worldwide, all on their own journey to body confidence and a tummy they can feel proud of! The live support offered by Wendy and Team MuTu is unrivalled, and is the part of MuTu System that customers are most delighted by.

MuTu WANTS you to succeed and to help you change your body looks and feels for the long term.  Once you’re a MuTu Mama, you have all the support you need!

Join the MuTu Mamas and get instant access to the entire program through the exclusive membership site. There is no expiration date on access, plus you can download and save all materials.

IN around 5 minutes you will receive your login and password to access your entire program on the memberships set at right away. All materials may be downloaded to save and keep.

Here’s Jay, who has overcome debilitating health issues from Multiple Sclerosis and turned her life around from disability and incontinence to fitness, vitality and a fully functioning Mojo… Take it away Jay. Read more…

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