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Monster Arm Program - Monster Arm Program for Baseball Pitchers - Eliminate Elbow and Shoulder Pain - Guaranteed.“My workout has become very sport specific. When I started the program, I felt a bit of a ‘dead arm’ feeling but by today (2 weeks into the program), my shoulder feels 100% better.”

“I have become stronger, more aggressive, and explosive. I gained 2mph after 1 week of your workout alone.”

Margra M, Caine D, Maffulli N. A review of epidemiology of paediatric elbow injuries in sports. 2007. Sports Med. 37(8) 717-735

“30% of the baseball players with Medial Elbow pain undergo ‘Tommy John’ Surgery every year”

Fleisig G, Andrews J.Prevention of elbow injuries in youth baseball pitching. 2012. Sports Health. 4(5) 419-424

Lyman S, Fleisig G, Waterbor J. Longitudinal study of elbow and shoulder pain in youth baseball pitchers. 2001. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 33(11) 1803-1810

It’s no secret that baseball pitchers lack adequate training to perform their job. Just look at the number of professional players who can’t make it through a season of play…not to mention the absurd number of baseball youth who suffer from shoulder & elbow pain & life altering surgery.

“The real magic of discovery lies NOT in seeking new Landscapes but in having New Eyes.”

My new vision and understanding of scientific baseball articles has allowed me to see the throwing motion in a different light. The secret is in muscle contractions. Eccentric and deceleration muscle contractions happen much sooner in the pitching motion than ever thought before. Look below! You can see the data from these scientific baseball studies tell us exactly how you must train to prevent injuries & decrease soreness with pitching.

“Just threw 2 innings on our road trip this past Tuesday. My shoulder pain has been reduced and recovery time has been better since implementing your program.”

“I am spinning the ball a lot better/tighter and I believe this is due to the fact that my forearm and wrist are as strong as they have ever been which is a direct benefit from using your program. What is more significant is how good my arm feels. Normally throughout the fall my arms gets fatigued and sore the day after throwing off of a mound, but today my arm has bounced back great.”

Having great eccentric strength and power is like having super brakes on a drag car….You’ll have no problem driving as fast as you can, because you know you can stop on a dime, and not crash into the wall at the end of the track.

If you lack great deceleration strength, this is like having “wimpy” brakes on your drag car. You will never- ever hit maximum speed because you’ll be afraid of crashing into the wall. Guess What? Your body works the same way! If you don’t have the brakes to slow you down, your body WON’T ALLOW you to throw your hardest.

“After only using the program for about 2 weeks I saw my arm’s performance increase. I threw 85mph off the mound in February and usually I am only lucky to touch around 82 that early in the winter.”

“We use the principles of the Monster Arm Program everyday to help our pitchers increase their velocity in a short amount of time.”

“I typically am still experiencing low velocity [4-5 weeks into postseason] but I have my velocity back up [to 91 mph from 85] sooner then normal. Any added velocity from here is all gravy. I believe, along with my pitching coach, that I’m back to my normal velocity earlier then usual because I’m spinning the ball tighter and my arm isn’t even fully back to normal. We believe that once my arm strength is 100% that I will be making gains.”

The Monster Arm Program is safe for youth baseball pitchers in little leagues… and sophisticated enough for the college and professional pitcher. It is a 4-8 week online training program designed to make you a baseball pitching powerhouse!

You don’t need 100′s of exercises to become a better baseball pitcher – you only need a few, proven exercise combinations that will provide you a huge safety-net for your… Read more…

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