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Mommy Fixes“But how can I find information I can rely on?”, you ask? That’s the real question

and that’s why you should keep reading. There are too many books. Too many conflicting theories. How will you find the most tried and tested approach? How can you find a way to get a good night’s sleep without it being at the cost of your baby’s health? Countless parents, mother’s,  father’s with the same question need help! Don’t feel bad, you’ve come to the right

get you back on track with your nightly rest. We all know can’t put a price on that. If you understand that, then don’t skip a single word till you get to the bottom of this page.

stay at home fathers, then you know the value of a night’s rest. And you know “concerned”

“recommended” approach, read all the right books, even got some improvement. You thought

it was solved and you and your baby get the rest you need. And then it happens. With some time,  it’s back to how it was and even worse. Why isn’t your baby still isn’t sleeping sound?  Is this familiar? And you know the feeling when

productive for yourself and those you love? Well that’s what we want for you as well. We want you

to have that ONE PROVEN. TESTED. LOVED, thing that will improve the quality of your life, because we KNOW that it can and will. We understand what it’s like to not sleep. To be concerned and even worried. So many parents understand with you. Believe it or not, parent after parent using the special knowledge we are about to share, are enjoying peaceful nights and their sweet babies are getting that needed rest they deserve. Imagine just one little piece of what you are about to learn can

have an immesne effect on the quality of your life. That is what we are seeing! Parents that have that glow during the day and they know their baby is healthy! Even more exciting, that special knowledge we are talking about, that gift that is really priceless because your love for your child knows no bounds, is RIGHT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS PAGE. Be the parent that knows and takes action.

Our special bundle of rest for you and your baby (also known as an beautiful package of knowledge that is one of the sweetest readable treasures you can give to yourself and your family – because you and your baby’s health are precious)…but where did we leave off! This special package you’ll be receiving today will show you EXACTLY in 4 detailed steps what you can do starting in 5 minutes from reading this. You may be finding yourself re-reading that last sentence. You read it right. FOUR POINT FIVE DAYS, and your baby can be sleeping sound through the night. Each detailed step in our four step program ensures that even if you do half of the steps only partly correct, you will still be sleeping like a baby and so will your baby! We tell you exactly how Codine is the solution to all your babies worries. (just kidding coach – you know which line to take out)

How do you know this will work for you? We are so glad you asked. Why? Because we want you to see the proof for yourself. Giving you 10,000 case studies is not going to help you see what our sleepy time approach can do for you. YOU have that power. And we are offering you a big invitation. We invite you to start today, and see for yourself that your baby will be sleeping through the night in 4.5 days, you will be getting the rest you need, and your mood and energy and health will benefit from that much needed rest. You shouldn’t take anyone else’s word for it. Start putting step 1 into practice in the next 5 minutes, and contact us in 4.5 days to tell us how happy you are that your baby is resting well and… Read more…

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