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Based on years of experience in Life Coaching, Lisa Phillips has written the AMAZING COACHING DIY MANUAL! If you haven’t heard of Lisa Phillips yet, you should: she’s a certified Neuro Linguistic Programmer, and she regularly contributes to top self-improvement magazines. Her book is the next best thing that you haven’t heard of yet.

Many people know what they would like to change in their lives, but don’t have the knowledge or resources on how to do something about it. This book reveals everything you need to know: from achieving exciting goals, to identifying and releasing toxic emotions. With Lisa’s eBook, everyone can easily take action to feel good right away!

Hi, my name is Lisa. My passion in life is helping people really love, accept and believe in themselves. I love to see people grow during the coaching process and reach out and fulfill their wildest dreams! In particular, I gain great satisfaction watching my clients change from believing they are not worthy, deserving or good enough, to transforming into empowered, loving and responsible individuals who treat themselves like the amazing special people they truly are.

Prior to becoming a coach, my background was in Finance and Change Management, where I worked in over thirty countries around the world. However, I always felt that this was not my real passion in life but I lacked the confidence and know how to take action and do anything about it. I just felt that the bus of life was driving me round and round wherever it wanted, whether I liked it or not! What I didn’t realise at the time, was that I am more than capable of driving my own bus in exactly the direction I wanted my life to go!

I decided to get into NLP and coaching at a time when it seemed that my life was falling apart around me. I had recently lost my job, got divorced and moved far away from my family and friends. This decision totally transformed my life and I have never looked back. I did not realise at the time what a positive impact coaching would make to all areas of my life. In particular, it allowed me to increase my self esteem and confidence, and really believe that I was good enough to have the life I wanted to lead!

My life is a continuous journey, and I have experienced endless positive changes. I am now totally committed to helping individuals have a joyous life. My formal training both in NLP and coaching have enabled me to develop a holistic approach that is tailored to individuals allowing them to make an effortless transformation in their lives.

The AMAZING COACHING DIY MANUAL is a 76 page book that’s jam-packed with EASY action steps, PROVEN tips and REAL-LIFE case studies from people just like you. It contains everything you need to easily coach yourself to financial, emotional, energetic, and even health success and happiness. Lisa’s techniques have been proven to work on thousands of her coaching clients who come back to thank her months and even years later!

I thought “re-framing” was stupid at first, but it was amazing how different I felt after I came up with a positive interpretation of an old wound I have been carrying around for years! I actually found my new interpretation so amusing, that the old wound lost all its power over me

Lisa will ensure that you easily stay on track to achieve your goals. Her unique “Excuse Busting” sections will also help you stay motivated and stop you from giving up or feeling stuck! No matter your personal goals – earning savings, losing weight, becoming more confident around new people, and everything in between – each action step has been specifically designed to make your life easier, more thrilling, and more interesting.

Have you ever read a book so good, that you just know you will go back to re-read it in a month or two? This is just it… Read more…

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