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Learn More, Study Less: The Video CourseWhat if I told you everything you know about how to learn, study and succeed in school was wrong? If you learn like most people, it probably is.

Most people have no idea how they learn things. As a result, they can’t train themselves to be smart.

I say this not to brag, because my accomplishments are relatively modest. In researching extraordinary learners I’ve found people who have achieved A averages with triple the full-time course load, memorized entire books and breezed through degree programs designed to fail most people.

The answer is holistic learning. This is the strategy of learning I’ve taught to tens of thousands of students who have either bought my book, or read my many free articles.

What is holistic learning? Holistic learning is basically the opposite of rote memorization. Rote memorization forces you to pound information into your skull with the hopes that it will stick later.

Holistic learning does the opposite. Instead of memorizing, you learn by making connections between ideas. This is closer to how your brain actually works, and it allows you to “get” a subject, not just spit out a list of formulas.

When I first introduced holistic learning, it created a sensation. Hundreds of thousands of people have read the free articles and ebooks. Thousands more have purchased and downloaded the first edition of Learn More, Study Less, my detailed guide to learning faster.

Hundreds more signed up for Learning on Steroids, a monthly training program, despite only being open for registration less than four days in the last 8 months. And, with this video course, I’ll give you a chance to get them both!

The 38-page Case-Study Manual. In this manual, I take a step-by-step look at how six different learners successfully applied the ideas, including:

Holistic Learning Ninja Edition – $67 – Contains everything from the course, plus a free month’s subscription to Learning on Steroids, which offers weekly ass-kicking emails, learning forums and access to Scott if you want coaching or help. Future months will be billed at $14 per month, but you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

The Complete Video Course – $67 – Contains all the material from the video course, including the expert audio interviews and all 12 video modules, but without the free month of Learning on Steroids. Get this if you’re already a Learning on Steroids member or you want to train the tactics on your own.

Guide-Only Edition – $39 – This is an enhancement of the original, best-selling guide. With it, you get just the written guide, case studies and worksheets.

Testimonials are hand-picked, so they are not average customers, but customers who have specifically written to thank me or review the book.

I’m recommending this ebook because I believe it to be of great value for anyone trying to learn something, especially if you’re a student. Scott has taken the process of learning and has hit upon the methods that most quick learners use, breaking it down into easily understandable and practical steps that any of us can implement. If you want to learn like the best learners do–the people who make learning seem easy, like Scott–this method will help you get there."

“I’ve since used Scott’s resources to develop my learning technique. Learning becomes easier and fun because of how I now retain information 10x better.”

Thank you for existing. When, I read Learn More, Study Less I was a mess. I had no direction except school, and even that made me miserable. Despite being in advanced programs during highschool, I was only a C student. I wasn’t doing too much better in college. Until that is, my friend lent me your book. Learn More, Study Less made sense–it didn’t sound like bullshit. I used you as motivation. Any time a moment seemed to hard, or too stressful, I’d whip open your blog and read something. Before I knew it, I was back hard at work. Now I am a completely different person. I live a blessed, full, life now. I can’t thank you enough, but I’m of the belief that people who deserve thanks very rarely hear it. So… Read more…

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