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Learn Arabic Online at your Own Time, Pace and PlaceThe basic Arabic course is an Arabic for beginners online course, intended for those who have no previous knowledge of the Arabic language and wish to acquire basic fluency in spoken Arabic while also learning to read and write. The course begins by introducing the student to the unique Arabic sounds and sentence structures while focusing on dialogue. At the end of this course, the student will be able to speak freely on a variety of topics and certainly get around as a tourist in an Arabic speaking country.

The Basic Arabic Course provides 26 pre-recorded lessons, each about 15 minutes long and a corresponding textbook which supplements the lessons with additional clarifying explanations. The study material includes new Arabic language vocabulary and sentences while simultaneously providing an option for transliteration and translation. In addition, you will receive learning exercises, small conversations, and learn more about Arab culture. At any point, you can pause a lesson and continue at another time from exactly where you stopped. The biggest advantage of using our program is that you can learn Arabic online anywhere, anytime from any computer. Sign up now for the Basic Arabic Course and start mastering the Arabic language today!

With video lessons for 12 months in addition to a textbook and dictionary, a one year membership provides you with unlimited access to learn Arabic online for a whole year. You can practice and improve your conversation and reading skills, and check how far you’ve come while enjoying the enchanting Arabic language. Read more…

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