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Home - CA Speeding TicketIf you were driving in California and received a speeding ticket, welcome to the Golden State. As California goes bankrupt, they are making up the shortfall with speeding tickets. They are using speeding ticket fines to balance the State budget. In order to write enough speeding tickets to do this, they have to skip the legal requirements they are legally bound to follow. We are the solution. We provide you with all the requirements they are supposed to obey. Over 75% of the time, we find one they didn’t follow. When we do……. you win a full dismissal.

We offer a flexible legal, California speeding ticket defense that you customize to your circumstances with our step by step scripted system. We suggest starting with one of our fully researched, case law supported Trial by Declaration templates. These templates win over 50% of the time. If you win, your ticket is dismissed. This 50% chance of wining is much easier and less expensive than going to court. We give you this defense that is similar to your circumstances and is fully supported by California Supreme Court case law. The wording, the defense, the insistence of foundational issues against the officer’s declaration all put the officer on trial, not you.

For roughly half of our clients who win at the declaration stage, it is over. For the other half, we stay with you and help you prepare for your court day using a defense that wins in court over half of the time. This gives you an approximate 75% to 80% chance of winning. These odds are current and based on over 4000 clients over a several year period. Our system is constantly updated and has gone through two substantial revisions in 2011 alone.

California speeding tickets are not like speeding tickets anywhere else in the country. Some California counties maintain a conviction rate of as high as 99.3% and they are proud of it. If you would like a couple of facts regarding your odds of winning on your own or with an attorney, consider this:

Going to court on your own: People who have not been to California traffic court for a while still believe that putting on nice clothes, being sincere, telling the truth, showing a great driving record or just claiming that they “didn’t do it” is likely to work. A typical citizen, going to court on his/her own with no legal background, on average, has a less than 5% chance of winning in California court on a speeding ticket. In some counties the odds are less than 1%.

Using an attorney: A citizen represented by an attorney in California court on a speeding ticket, on average, has less than a 10% chance of winning. Attorneys hate it when we expose this fact but if you doubt our statistics just ask any attorney for a money back deal if he or she loses your case. They will tell you they can’t afford to give money back when they lose. They are right because they lose more than 90% of the time. They need to get paid well for losing your case, which is what they will almost certainly do. We admit that there is a certain feeling of security having an attorney that you have paid substantial money to. The problem is that a typical attorney will not spend 5 minutes on the preparation on your speeding ticket case. He/she will meet you in court and glance at your file to read your name prior to pretending he remembers you. If the cop shows up the attorney may look over notes from talking to you and then he/she will just “wing it”. Why should they spend lots of time preparing? They get paid the same to lose and losing is easy.

Using CaSpeedingTicket: We have done 100 times the research any attorney could possibly do to prepare for our cases. We charge a total of about 1/6th of what the typical attorney charges per hour. We give you the exact Trial by Declaration template you need. We review your defense once you have “made it yours” and give you… Read more…

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