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Head Lice Treatment Natural Home Remedy"Kill Lice and remove Nits, NOW with Vickie’s Home Remedy Head Lice Treatment Alternative Care Recipe!"

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Dear Vickie, I want to thank you so much! Your head lice remedy works great. I used the recipe right away and I’m happy to say – FINALLY a head lice treatment that worked! School is here again and this year I Know my daughter will be without lice! I washing her hair once every week with the shampoo to prevent any out breaks. Sincerely, Louisa Trent <><><><>

Vickie, I just wanted to say that even though I am still in the process of the fight, I am very pleased to say that when i used the beginning rinse as was instructed i was combing dead critters out only a few moments after the solution was put on. I intend to do this every other day until the problem is solved. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but after seeing it work i am glad i tried my luck. Thank you very much Tanya Gresham OR <><><><><><><><>

Wow, thank you It worked! I thought I was never going to get rid of these lice. Until I found your web site and used your home recipe treatment, I was battling them for 3 months. I did as you suggested and re treated us all in 5 days. It sure did the trick! I also used the household spray formula on all my furniture including the mattresses and our coats. It was just great. Again Thanks Jane Shepard KY More below…..

If you are a parent, you may very well have to deal with these critters sometime. My experience comes from 4 children, twelve grandchildren, and numerous friends & relatives. Here is some of what I know – FYI………

Head Lice are small about 1/32 to 1/16 inch in size. They can grow to almost an 1/8 inch, in some cases. They are visible to the naked eye. They do not fly or jump. They do crawl and scurry about the hair and scalp. They are an off white, brown, or sort of dirt in color. It is best to use a bright light to examine the hair and scalp. The brighter the light the easier they are to find. You may even do this out doors under direct sun light. Try running a fine tooth comb through the hair and then examine the comb.

Even if you do not find any live lice, you may still have a problem. So also look for nits, these are the eggs laid by female lice. Nits are found attached to the individual hair shaft, close to the scalp; usually not more than 1 inch above the scalp. They appear to be a tiny speck of sand on the hair. If you see what might be one, blow on it – If it flies off on the wind – it was likely only a piece of dirt, lint, or dandruff. On the other hand, if it just sits there and does not move – It is likely to be a nit (lice egg).

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Violet Swanson usa <><><><><><><><> Dear Vickie Thanks so much for your quick response. I am just now relaxing from the trauma of having this happen to our family. We did do the vinegar rinse this morning on Caleigh. I’ve just left it on for now. She’ll have a bath later and we’ll use the shampoo, which by the way, I love! It smells good and feels good too. We will definitely be using the shampoo daily for awhile just to be on the safe side. I also love the essential oils. I haven’t used them for anything before and so there is something good to come out of all this. I have a Rainbow that I put the oils into and it diffuses it all over the house when I vacuum. Our cars smell good now too! Again, thank you for all the input and help and… Read more…

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