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Get Involved!Conservative Wisdom United is dedicated to educating the electorate on the benefits of being a Conservative Republican.

Just imagine having droves of voters coming to our side and we are all working to expose and defeat the progressives! When you come on with us you will be part of taking America back and making the progressives irrelevant.

Conservatives are worried about the future for our children and our grandchildren, CWU will put a stop to the worrying! Our organization will speak the truth and call out others that are lying. I am tired of what is going on in our country and with your help we can make America strong again! We will not count on the politicians, this will be accomplished by the people and Washington will hear us loud and clear.

“One person can make a difference but when you get many pulling in the same direction it can create a tidal wave of success!” Bob Brown

We are all going to make a difference and by you becoming a member; you will be taking part of creating the conservative wave to take our country back. When you sign up as a member you will receive volume # 1 EBook titled, “This is how we win our country back from the Progressives Manual.” I am not holding anything back and our readers will be happy that someone is not afraid to speak the truth! Another bonus is our Ezine, emails and website that will keep you up with events, stories, news, videos, articles, and interviews.

How to win America back from the progressives program will be about issues that need to be discussed so we can strengthen our country today and in the future. There will be no holding back on the solutions as we are going forward. I am a believer in this quote from Winston Churchill, “You have enemies? Good! That means you stood up for something in your life.”

We are all going to unite to expose the evils of the progressives and their desire to change America to a country that the majority of people are ignorant and dependent on the government.

America was built on hard work and sacrifices so that the future generations could prosper and work just as hard and to create an even better America! I don’t see that being done today and I think a lot of people have a concern that we are going in the wrong direction.

The country needs common sense solutions and not just a bunch of politicians speaking to just get elected! It is time to take the gloves off and fight to save our country from those that are determined to destroy the country from within. Abe Lincoln Quote, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

The manual will be short and sweet with the problem and then the sensible solution will follow. Common sense is not a gift, it’s a punishment, because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it.

We will pound on the democrats about how they have controlled the big cities for a long time and have created a terrible mess. We will not back down and we will speak the truth. Conservatives will explain how we will do better and how the freedom will help Americans in their lives. We will get the information out to many in the democrat communities. I have a way of getting the voters in these communities and I just can’t wait to share my expertise! This is a priority and along with the youth vote we will bring these voters to our side.

I have been married for about 31 years and have two children in college and one will graduate in about a year. My interests are in baseball, politics, and marketing. My gears are always working, creating and trying to make things better for people who want to help themselves. I am looking for people who feel the same way and want to make a difference in many lives.

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