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4 Day Fat Loss - 4DFL is dedicated to teaching simple techniques to burn fat, increase energy and live a healthier life.  James Gaida is the creator of 4DFL and his...Special Insider Report from James Gaida Pn1, CFT, SPN Precision Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and Fat Loss Expert

The reason most people think the year round lean & ripped body is impossible is that they think it’s about some sort of EPIC sacrifice and having some sort of WORLD RENOWNED will-power……………………….This is NOT the case!

On this very page, I’m going to reveal to you the #1 Fat Loss Secret you haven’t been told, that is the very secret you need to unlock your ability to not only shed body fat quickly but keep it off, allowing you to stay lean & ripped year round. The very secret that I used to shed 19 pounds of fat in 23 days. The very secret that has helped my client Richard drop 40 pounds and completely TRANSFORM his body. And the very secret that Mary used to lose 14 pounds in only 6 weeks, at the age of 60!

WARNING: This is not for everyone. This is only for people that are tired of silly weight loss gimmicks and magic pills that don’t work. This is only for people looking for science-based-cutting-edge fat loss strategies. If you’re serious about changing your body and living with a lean & ripped appearance all year round, this may be the most important information you have ever read.

I’m sure at some point you’ve heard that slow & steady weight loss is the way to go. Eating a bit less and exercising more to slowly lose 2-3 pounds a month is the way to the lean body you are looking for. Slow, steady progress.

Slow fat loss and consistent progress makes sense in theory but here’s where it fails. Slow is boring. Slow destroys your motivation. Slow causes you to give up.

My years of coaching has proven to me that fat loss is about motivation and momentum. As you see things happening right in front of your eyes you get more and more excited about the possibilities. You start to see that your dream body is within reach. You start believing.

When your body is making changes everyday you stay motivated and you stay committed to your plan. You stay committed to your plan because you want to keep seeing these Rapid changes happening.

Rapid Fat Loss is the only way I’ve ever had any measurable fat loss success. Rapid Fat Loss is a necessity to transforming your body. And the key to Rapid Fat Loss is understanding the Simple Fat Loss Secret contained in this report.

A pound of fat is approximately 3500 calories. What does this mean? This means that in order to lose a pound of fat you need to create a 3500 calorie deficit in your diet. In other words you need to eat 3500 calories less than your metabolism is burning. That’s a lot of calories and explains why it can often be difficult to get rid of stubborn body fat.

There is a solution. You need to be regularly and strategically adjusting your caloric intake during your fat loss diet. You can’t always be in a calorie deficit. By properly adjusting your calorie intake you can keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders for the duration of even the most extreme fat loss diets. This keeps you burning fat and prevents unwanted fat gain when you are done dieting. This is an absolutely necessary technique.

Your daily metabolic rate or the amount of calories you burn everyday can be estimated using formulas that take into account your weight, body composition, age, height, and activity levels.

The biggest determining factor of your metabolism (the number that makes the biggest impact) is your lean muscle tissue. Individuals, both male and female, with more lean muscle tissue will burn more calories throughout the day then individuals with less muscle. Everytime and everyday.

The solution to successfully dropping body fat quickly without losing muscle is by carefully and strategically controlling the amount of amino acids and protein in the diet. By successfully implementing protein-sparing techniques you will hold onto your lean muscle tissue and be left with the athletic… Read more…

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