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2014 Guide to Social Security Retirement Benefits - The Social Security GuideAmericans Leave Behind $25 Billion In Unclaimed Benefits Every Year… Maximize Your Social Security Benefits With Strategies Most Retirees Overlook.

If you’re like most Americans you haven’t spent much time thinking about it. I don’t blame you since sorting through all the choices is like hunting for a parking spot at the mall!

When it comes to Social Security, the choices you make during the application process determine if you’ll ever get the maximum benefits you are entitled to.

Unfortunately for those who rush through the process, there aren’t many options to "change your mind" after your application is processed. Like any government program, you either get it right the first time or suffer through endless appeals and waiting games.

The new online application is easy enough for most people to understand, but it is the HOW, WHEN and WHY of the claiming tiers that can be difficult to analyze. Even if you plan on taking early retirement benefits, there are still timing strategies and spousal benefits to consider ahead of time.

If you don’t look beyond the basic claiming options (the ones you see in websites and magazines) you’re probably going to leave money on the table.

How much would an extra $150 per month help you during retirement? How about $800 or more each month for you and your spouse?

I’m not kidding when I tell you that people leave this kind of money behind all the time. Most people know the earlier they enroll the less they will receive on a monthly basis, but when you claim is only part of the equation.

There are over 2,700 rules in the Social Security operations manual, and the average married couple has hundreds of different claiming options. It can be confusing, but I’m here today to offer my expert advice to guide you through the process.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Your purchase of the Social Security Retirement Guide is 100% risk-free. If you don’t learn new strategies that add at least $150 per month to your benefits then simply send me an email to get your money back.

"I have consulted several other sources for information about the filing process, but yours was by far the most detailed and helpful. Thank you for putting this together and for taking the time to check up on me!"

"I have completed my first review of the guide and it will be very valuable as my wife and I make plans for when we take retirement."

"This is a very detailed guide! I will find the information helpful as I decide when to start payments for me and my wife."

Americans have been left to fight for themselves when it comes to getting the Social Security retirement benefits they deserve.

The current "Social Security Avalanche" began in 2011. That was the start of a 19-year stretch where an estimated 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach full retirement age EVERY DAY!

This record rate of retirees has basically eliminated any level of customer service from the government. The field offices are flooded with more applications than they can handle. The good workers are stressed – and the new employees barely know the basics.

Do you really think an underpaid support clerk is going to spend hours reviewing your application to optimize it for you?

The writing is on the wall my friends. Your local SSA office in nothing more than a place to drop off your paperwork…

After spending 35 years working for the Social Security Administration, I now use my unique experience to help future retirees maximize their retirement benefits through my consulting service. However, I realize not everyone can afford my $125 hourly rate.

The good news is that I am offering direct access to my proven Social Security strategies, along with my email address to answer all of your questions. Everything is included with this valuable retirement resource and you even have the option to purchase a discounted phone consultation if needed.

My guide walks you through the best claiming options for every situation so that you can secure the most from your retirement benefits. Everything I learned during my career with the SSA is at your fingertips… Read more…

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